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Falsebayheating was established in 1996, catering to needs of the clients looking for luxury. Carrying vast experience in delivering technical solutions in a simple and easy to grasp manner. From the underfloor heating business, the oppertunity was seized to venture into a new area of luxury and problem solving. The first venture was supplying customers with quality solar water heating solutions and heatpumps. Arranging Eskom rebates and advising clients on the best possible way to get the most of their system is what was the start of an exceptional journey.

Complex PV solar systems was the next challenge for this company. Getting into the market at the time Falsebay heating did was an amazing time. The interest in PV (photo-voltaic) systems was extraordinary and we made it our priority to deliver exceptional solutons. Soon after the PV interest, the main focus of Falsebay heating shifted to the PV market.

The solar energy life cycle

Our process in sizing a system, being SWH or PV, is highly preices. Our first step is a simple site visit where we discuess the needs of the client, this is where we introduce various systems and solutions. Once we have ensured the client has a good idea of how things come together, we recommend an energy audit. An energy audit allows us to read and capture each appliance in the house so we can determine what the consumption pattern is. Once we have determined the energy consumption of the household, we start recommending solutions that may reduce the clients energy consumption. This may be as simple as changing to energy efficient lights, investing in new appliances or installing a solar geyser or heatpump.

After the process of reducing the actual consumption, we start designing the system. We use the data we captured from the energy audit and propose a system to the client. This proposal includes a few options where we then site with the client and align the clients needs with a tailor made system.

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